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The Status of VBLI’s Indoor Season

Dear Volleyball Community,

This gap in-between VBLI tournaments has been insufferable on so many levels. We usually devote 40+ dates a year to all-day indoor and grass tournaments and, by contrast, 2020 will have a grand total of Seven dates. Seven. Siete. Sept. Sieben...Lucky #7 this ain’t.

Andddd it is about to get a lot longer...we have made the difficult decision to cancel our entire 2021 indoor season.

As a New York-based small business, you can imagine that we have several parties to oblige in order to operate at the level we are accustomed to and, with respect to them and due to the (still) developing COVID situation, navigating on the cautious side remains the best course of action as we don’t want to build out a schedule and provide false hope, only to backpedal down the road.

We’re so sorry that what was a temporary hiatus has become more of an extended one. Now, the endgame for us is a new beginning of sorts as we prepare for the most epic return of Volleyball possible, one that is worthwhile for this wonderful community.

VBLI will have a latter-half of 2021, a 2022, a 2023 and a beyond! We’re not going anywhere and we hope you won’t be either.

Thank you for reading; all of us here wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!


VBLI’s Founder and Managing Director


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