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The Status of Your VBLI Membership

A question has arisen among our community since we announced our summer schedule a few weeks ago...what is the deal with our memberships?!

For the uninitiated or simply to refresh, in order to partake in any VBLI tournament, one must have an active one, two or three-year membership on the date of a tournament.

VBLI’s last tournament took place on March 8th of 2020, so all one-year memberships, at a minimum, have since expired. And y’know...that’s not really fair to you all considering the time our grass opener rolls around this May, a total of 14 months have gone by without a single tournament.

Therefore, regardless of the original date of expiration, all memberships that were active at that time have now been extended to October 15th, 2021 as a courtesy given <broad arm gestures> everything.

So if your membership was active as of March 8th of last year, awesome! For all grass tournaments in our Summer Series, all that is left to do is register for a tournament date, format and level, pay the team fee and you're all set! We’ll see you at Eisenhower Park for a fun day of volleyball.

If your membership was inactive or you will be playing a VBLI tournament for the first time in the coming months, that’s okay too! Head on over to our membership page and select the option that best suits you.

Thanks for reading and, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to message us here, via e-mail at or on Facebook or Instagram.


VBLI’s Founder and Managing Director


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