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VBLI’s Sweet 16th Summer Series!

Okay, yes...we wanted so badly to call this upcoming summer series VBLI's Super Sweet 16th Summer Series, but alas, we just couldn't be that much of a cliché.

Anyways...after last year's blow-out, oversold, "we can't possibly fit any more nets on the field!" summer, the time has come to go big or go home.

We went big. Schedule? That's your cue.

EIGHT DATES! EIGHT. DATES. ocho, oito, acht, otto...

Not to play favorites, but we're particularly excited for the three years-in-the-making Pride Festival - a combination grass volleyball festival and charity tournament!! - and the First Responder Appreciation event. Warm weather, bright open skies, grass volleyball, raising money for great causes...what could be better?!

More information to come on these inaugural events, and perceptive readers may have noticed that no location was indicated and/or figured we'll be returning to Eisenhower Park like the previous 15 summers. We're in the final stage of confirming the fields and will list them in each individual tournament's registration page in the “Tournament” drop-down menu at the top of the website (or by clicking here). If you aren't already, feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information on VBLI’s 2022 Summer Series. There will be some giveaways (hint hint!), some surprises and more of the volleyball content that you've come to expect. In the meantime, we hope you'll continue to join us at our indoor tournaments through the end of April. Each tournament this season has been a blast with 15 - 20 teams showing up, balling hard and slaying everything with their volleyball swagger.

Thanks as always for your patronage and passion for volleyball; we'll see you on the courts! Your Friends at VBLI


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