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VBLI's (COVID-19) Response

Hello VBLI Community! It has been three months without seeing everyone in their homeland - the volleyball courts. If this lack of volleyball keeps up, volleyball players will be *gasp* an endangered species…

VBLI wants so desperately to have a hand in staving off extinction and reuniting the volleyball community for an all-day affair of balling. But, as you can imagine, we have to do so responsibly and in accordance under the proper governing bodies and channels given the current situation happening outside our doors. Here we go again, reporting the uncool news...VBLI’s tournaments are officially cancelled until further notice. While it would be understandable to chalk this up as another loss to the Coronavirus, we see this as the right course of action to protect the health and safety of, not only the community, but our loved ones as NY/NJ/CT enters their respective phases of reopening. The sunrise is on the horizon though and, now more than ever, we are committed to reopening in a more positive zeitgeist and providing that fun, competitive volleyball experience that is worth this extended wait. Does this suck? Yes, yes it does; we all miss volleyball...heck, we all were mourning the lack of volleyball in our lives back when it was March and it’s now June! All we can do is leave you with the assurance that we all will make up for the lost time when the timing is right. For those of you concerned about your membership status, no need to worry! All active memberships will be extended by the duration of the time that we have been on hiatus. VBLI’s last tournament of record was on March 8th, so, for example, if your membership was set to expire on April 8th of 2020, your membership will now remain active 31 days after our next tournament takes place.

And for anyone who has registered a team for any of our tournaments, you should have already received an email explaining the situation and how to proceed. Lastly, some of you have asked what you can do to lend your support to us in the interim (a kind sentiment we are extremely grateful for). We’re a small business who’s digital presence is integral, so consider any or all of the below should you feel so inclined:

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Like, follow and engage with us and nearly 9500 others on Facebook and Instagram, with volleyball content posted daily. Thanks as always! When we say “we’ll see you soon,” we truly mean that and look forward to the occasion! Your Friends at VBLI


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