VBLI's (COVID-19) Response

    After an emotionally draining week of uncertainty, we here at your friendly neighborhood volleyball organization don’t want to add more bad news to what is already a frontrunner for the most uncool moment of 2020. So, let’s rip off the band-aid now so we can move on to better, more optimistic things.

    In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic interfering with the way of life around the world, and after regular monitoring of the news and correspondence with the staff at the venues we frequent, VBLI has made the unfortunate, but well-informed and necessary decision to cancel all tournaments through April 13th.

    While this is a decision we have held off making, it’s the only outcome that helps ensure the health and safety of the volleyball community, a priority of the utmost importance. For anyone who has registered a team for any of our tournaments through April 13th, you should have already received an email explaining the situation and a full refund to your point of purchase.

    To all of those that have already written to us expressing their sadness and how their team was so excited to play, we appreciate the feedback and we’re so sorry for the inconvenience. Believe us, hosting volleyball tournaments is something we love doing and it hurts us right to our very core that we are presently unable to do so.

    With all of that said...it is because of your ongoing support and loyalty that we exist in the first place, and it is that same support that will inspire us during this tactical retreat to return to the drawing board and brainstorm how VBLI can continue to do right by you and provide the fun, competitive atmosphere that is worthy of the volleyball community. We are already looking ahead to the last indoor dates and the summer grass season.

    As always if you have any questions, comments or ideas, send us an e-mail gyankow@vbli.com or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

    For the time-being, we’re thinking of you all and hope you remain healthy and positive throughout these trying times.

    Your Family at VBLI

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