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COVID-19 Summer Series Update

To our Amazing Volleyball Community,

It is really difficult to talk/type through these tears, but let’s rip off the proverbial band-aid so we can start the healing process…

VBLI’s July 11th, July 25th and August 15th grass tournaments - a.k.a the rest of VBLI’s Summer Series - are officially cancelled.

<Audible Screeches of Groans and Disgust>

Unfortunately, after receiving the go-ahead to resume volleyball tournaments last month, the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic has persisted on local and national levels. So much so, the proper authorities have given us a mandate to not proceed for the safety and greater good of, not just our beloved volleyball community, but for Long Island and the surrounding areas. As player safety has been our foremost priority since Day #1, Tournament #1, we are respectfully obliging.

All tournament entries will be refunded immediately to the point of purchase.

Should you have any questions or issues, feel free to email us at or via Facebook or Instagram.

We are truly sorry that things are not playing out as initially planned. We already miss all of you and we’ll miss you all even more in the coming months. Here’s hoping that an Indoor Season will happen come Fall 2020...

Go and have the best summer you can possibly have in these circumstances, please be safe and should you find yourself on a volleyball court, have the time of your life and we’ll be cheering you on in spirit!


Your Family at VBLI


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